"The Scary Mary mirror and the Ghost Bust are the best purchases I have ever made and were the talk of my haunt for many months after Halloween was over!" -P. Eldrige, Rhineland, Germany




The Night Frights Video Gallery
Click on a member of our growing cast of characters to see it in action!

The Ghost BrideLife-Size Talking Santa AnimationDemon Video AnimatronicAnimatronic Witch Evil Clown Video AnimatronicInsane Asylum Overpowered by Zombies!ScaryMaryMirrorKillerClownMirrorMirrorOnTheWallTalking Santa StatueHalloweenSong GraveyardSkull VampireGhostHostSeanceWitchScarecrowHauntRules GhostBustClownFrightBeforeXmasSpiderFaceStartleBitesPiratesChambersTalking Busts Haunt Amusement ParkGhostBustTrio-HalloweenSongGhostBustTrio-HauntRulesPharoahRob Zombie runs Ghost Bust Live








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