"MAN! Is THAT one cool prop! I just couldn't stop watching it. This is one high-tech prop that will take your haunt to a new level without breaking the bank. It opens the door to the many routines that are available, keeping things fresh every year."
Steve Orihood, Fright Theatre Productions



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The Control Freak™ is a simple to use controller box developed for the Ghost Bust to allow you to trigger the video playback in response to someone stepping on a switch mat or activating a PIR sensor.

 It's a small stand-alone unit that adds flexibility and control of the Ghost Bust in cool ways, without the need for an expensive computer or the hassle of programming anything.  

In order to prevent inadvertent or intentional re-triggering of your routines, the Control Freak features an adjustable lock-out period, so the video can't be re-triggered again until the amount of time you've set has expired, (adjustable between 15 seconds and 3 minutes). It's effective and so simple to use, and even comes complete with a Sony DVD player.

For added chills and thrills, you'll want to add the Bust Blaster, and optional add-on for the Control Freak!  At the climax of every Ghost Bust routine, we've added a subtle visual element... a creepy spider crawls across the bottom of the bust.  If you have the Bust Blaster, the spider's appearance will automatically trigger the blaster, so your victim gets a shocking blast of air/water, intensifying the impact of the scare!  The Bust Blaster requires a 60 to 120 psi air compressor, (not included).

For added flexibility, the Control Freak also features an additional relay built in, so that if you have a favorite pop-up pneumatic device, you can add that into the scare as well, allowing it to be triggered at precisely the right moment in the Ghost Bust routine!  

The Control Freak is $219, or $349 with the Bust Blaster included.
(Switch mats/PIR Sensors/Hand-Held Switches sold separately).

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