From one of the creative minds behind SkullTronix™ comes the exciting new cornerstone of high-tech, cutting-edge, scary Halloween props for the professional or home haunt!
























How to get the most out of the
Scary Mary Mirror Controller
(also known as the Control Freak)

Place the control freak in a convenient spot somewhere near the Scary Mary Mirror and DVD player. If you look closely, you'll see the front and back panels are labeled "INPUTS" and "OUTPUTS". Inputs will include the power cable connection (labeled "PWR"), connections for Mat Switches and PIR's (labeled "TRIGGERS") and others.

Notice that there is a jumper bridging the two center connections on the TRIGGERS or J2 terminal block. This jumper must always be in place, unless you are using a PIR Sensor or other NC (Normally Closed) switching device.


Outputs will include connections for the DVD IR Control Cable, (labeled "DVD"), a connection for a Blaster's solenoid valve, (sold separately) (labeled "BLASTER") and another set of connections for the extra relay (labeled "RELAY") which will allow you to connect other items such as lights or additional pneumatic valves, etc. to an internal 12V relay inside the Control Freak. (Have we mentioned how flexible the Control Freak was designed to be?)