"People always leave talking about the Ghost Bust! It's the single best thing we have ever added to the haunt!"
- Stephen Myers, Baltimore, MD



The Ghost Bust

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While supplies last. Switch mat or hand-held trigger sold separately.

Amazing Singing Busts Projection for Halloween

Night Frights products are an elite line of unique Halloween props that give pro-fessional and home haunts a thrill their guests won't see anywhere else. The Ghost Bust haunted house projection system provides an amazing visual spectacle that mesmerizes audiences!

New Scares Every Year

Give your audience something fresh and exciting every year... with the Ghost Bust talking and singing busts, you can change the entire theme of the scene simply by swapping in a different DVD! Plus, no moving parts means no tedious maintenance or breakdowns. Simple, cool and fun!

Six Routine DVDs

Options for Different Needs


Choose the best talking statue routine based on your needs. Need something to keep folks entertained in line? Check out the Haunt Rules routine. Want a quick scare? Try Startle Bites or the Entry Guard routines. Or the Vampire Ghost Host's "Watcher Mode" option for silent but thrilling eye candy!

A Smart Investment

Choose a Monster for Your Halloween Video Projection

Click on a face below to see a haunt video of that character in action

Haunt video of the singing bust performing the Halloween Song. Watch this talking skull frighten graveyard guests. Vampires rise from their grave for this Halloween video. Paranormal activity abounds with this scary seance Halloween display!This scary talking scarecrow attracts visitors to Corn Mazes, Haunted Hayrides, and Pumpkin Farms every year.
See More Characters...

Comes complete with life-size bust, projector, projector ceiling mount, solid state video player with HDMI output and cable, and one character routine of your choosing. You just supply a sound system and switch mat, (available below). Order now, just $1699!

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