"I bought the Ghost Bust Extreme and couldn't be happier. It's easily the most impressive 'magic trick' I've ever invested in. My guests couldn't believe what they were seeing!" - M. Reis, Boulder, CO






Skull Column

The Ghost Bust Extreme is finally here, and it's making a BIG impression!

This new gigantic version is nearly 50% larger than the standard bust, standing more than a whopping three feet tall! Maximum impact, even from a distance!

The life-sized standard version is 1'10", so you can imagine how much more impact this giant version of the bust will have on your visitors, even at a distance!

Perfect for Theme Parks or anywhere you want to feature a breath-taking spectacle.

Limited quantities available, so order yours now before they're gone!



Ghost Bust Extreme comes with giant bust, pro projector, projector mount, and your choice of one of our eleven Ghost Bust routines!

$2399 + $179 Oversized Shipping

Select a Routine:

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