"The Scary Mary mirror and the Ghost Bust are the best purchases I have ever made and were the talk of my haunt for many months after Halloween was over!"
-P. Eldrige, Rhineland, Germany



Apprehensive FIlms Credit

Our Nimble Fingered Organist, aka “The Skeletal Organist”, is an effect we first created back in the 90’s for our home haunt, and turned out to be a perenial favorite as the best Halloween prop in our haunted house. Everyone assumed it was an animatronic skeleton and wanted to know the secret behind how we achieved such natural, fluid arm and hand movements.

The secret, as you’ll find, is a surpisingly simple one. Moreover, this DIY project is fairly easy to build, especially as far as creating animated Halloween props goes. It doesn’t require any special skills, tools or know-how. Most prop builders should be able to build this do-it-yourself Halloween project in an afternoon. Ready to begin?

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