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"The Ghost Bust is by far the best prop in the industry! It works 12 hours a day, everyday, and is of such professional caliber."
- Joe Persampiere, Haunted Props, New York

Six Flags Enlists Ghost Bust Duo

The new Ghost Bust Duo will be featured in this year's Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey!

This fun but frightening pair of talking busts is designed to interact with each other at a haunt's entrance, enticing visitors to enter, (at their great peril, of course!)

See the Ghost Bust Duo

Singing Busts State Haunt Rules in Fun Spooky Way!

Our Haunt Rules routine has long been a favorite among Ghost Bust fans... now it's three times the fun with this adaptation for the Ghost Bust Trio!

The Haunt Rules routine for the Ghost Bust Trio is a captivating spectacle to keep your visitors spell-bound and eerily entertained while informing them of the rules of the house! A must-have for any haunted house!

Click here for details


Pharaoh's Curse Strikes Colorado's Water World

Night Frights was called in to create an enormous talking Pharaoh effect for for Hyland Hills Water World, the world's largest water park.

Click here for details and to see the Pharaoh warn intruders of their impending doom!

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Features Halloween Creators Night Frights for Special Effects

Popular TV host, Dr. Oz, hosted a spectacular Gala for Healthcorps titled "Journey to Oz", commissioning Fox Productions to co-produce the event.

Night Frights' popular Scary Mary Mirrors were commissioned with custom motion graphics and branded messaging, with mirrors stationed in several locations throughout the event.

Dr. Oz

Night Frights' Mike and Jean Fox with Dr. Mehmet Oz and wife Lisa

The mirrors featured familiar figures such as Maria Shriver, Matthew Modine, and many others incorporated into mesmerizing computer generated special effects.

Additional video production was created by Night Frights to feature a gigantic Wizard head to appear on the "Imag" video screen above the stage which interacted with the evening's presenters in frightening, dramatic and often humorous style.

Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa founded Healthcorps in 2004 in a nationwide effort to help stem child obesity.


Just Released... the Ghost Bust Clown &
Killer Clown Mirror Routine!

Our customers spoke, and we listened! Creepy carnivals, zombie circus folk, demented jesters and the like are popular themes in the haunt world. Now, Night Frights adds Killer Clowns to the growing collection of available options for both the Ghost Bust and the Scary Mary Mirror, last year's runaway hit high-tech Halloween prop!
See Scary Mary Mirror Info
See Ghost Bust Info



The Ghost Bust Goes Hollywood!

Ghost Bust creator, Mike Fox, got a very special invitation this year from legendary film and television actor Dick Van Dyke. Dick, who is a die-hard Halloween enthusiast, asked if Mike, his Ghost Bust, and his latest creation, the Scary Mary Mirror, would take part in the elaborate Halloween display he puts together each year at his home in Malibu.

The annual event is a favorite among Dick's neighbors, as evidenced by the arrival of Avatar creator, James Cameron, who came by garbed in full pirate regalia with his family to see the production.

The Night Frights effects took their place among Dick's other favorite props that include one-of-a-kind items like the skinned body from the movie Predator donated by creature effects wizard Stan Winston. See video of Dick's recap of the event.


Ghost Bust Featured in Wired Magazine!

The October issue of Wired Magazine listed the Night Frights Ghost Bust in their countdown of the five must-have Halloween props every cutting-edge haunter should own!

Wired is known for showcasing state-of-the-art items that pique the interest of their technology-savvy readers, and the Ghost Bust's spooky video-based special effects made the list of Halloween props and effects not to be missed.


One of the Scariest Halloween Props Ever, Say Shaken Spectators

Bringing fresh waves of horror and featuring Hollywood-quality CGI and special effects, the Night Frights Scary Mary Mirror is a must-have prop for high-tech haunts!

Garnering rave reviews at the recent Transworld show in St. Louis, the Scary Mary Mirror looks and reflects just like a regular mirror, until the horrifying video kicks into action.

Now with four videos created for the mirror system that include "The Scary Mary Scream", a mind-bruising frightener, the new "Zombie Asylum" routine, the "Killer Clown" routine, and for more family-friendly Halloween fare, the "Mirror On The Wall" routine. Click here for info.


Extreme Makeover

Ghost Bust talking bust featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Halloween Special!

Turning their renovation efforts toward all things spooky, ABC Television's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition chose the Oregon School for the Deaf as the lucky recipient of a state-of-the-art haunted house, featuring the Night Frights Ghost Bust as one of its featured effects!

Located in Salem, Oregon, the school has been operating an annual haunted house, "The Nightmare Factory", as it's primary fund raiser for the last fourteen years. Extreme Makeover sent charasmatic Ty Pennington and crew to head a virtual army of volunteers to make the school's dream come alive on an unimaginable scale.

Looking for the best Halloween props in the industry, the show's producers approached the companies generally regarded to be the cream of the crop providers of haunting props and special effects, including Night Frights (with their popular talking bust), and several others.

Highlights of the multi-day shoot include master of horror Rob Zombie and Extreme Makeover's Michael Maloney taking over the mic to control the new sound-activated Ghost Bust Live Deluxe system.

Click here to see the secret behind Rob's spooky trickery.


HGTV features Ghost Bust in Halloween Special!

In what's turned out to be a banner year for Night Frights, the fun but creepy Ghost Bust® talking bust was featured on HGTV, (Home and Garden Television), in their "HGTV Halloween Block Party" special! Three designers, transform three houses in three days into three spectacular halloween party houses! (Click here to see highlights from this hour long special.)


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Features Ghost Bust in $9 Million Renovation!

Ten years in the making, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has finally completed extensive renovations to their haunted attraction. Construction began by completely leveling the existing structure and digging deep into the seaside earth to create an elaborate, two-story building that will nearly double the size of the 36 year old haunted attraction. The Haunted Castle will deploy an entirely new theme featuring state-of-the-art animatronics and effects. And who, pray tell, was chosen to be featured as the King of this Haunted Castle? None other than the Ghost Bust!

Two unique custom routines were commissioned by R and R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc., the L.A.-based firm responsible for bringing the new Haunted Castle to life. President, Rick Bastrup first saw the Ghost Bust in Las Vegas and was impressed enough to cast the effect as the main character that appears several times throughout the haunt: once as a standard bust, again as a fully clothed floating apparition, and a third time as a scrim effect. Not only did Night Frights create the bust and floating apparition versions, but also provided the voice and sound design for the scrim effect produced by industry veterans Sally Corp.
"It's an amazing achievement." says Mike Fox, Night Frights' President and creative director. "To see how much work went on behind the scenes for the past several years and to see how it's all come together in time for the grand opening... I'm proud to have been a small part of the Boardwalk's long history."

The Haunted Castle is now open to the public.

paxton manor

Night Frights Scares Up Ghosts for Virginia Scaregrounds

Located near the northern border of Virginia, Virginia Scaregrounds' Paxton Manor is an eerie excursion into the supernatural. Built in 1877, the mansion was host to a series of untimely deaths for nearly a century until the death of matriarch Rachel Paxton at age 92. It's said that her ghostly image can still be seen roaming the grounds late at night, with reports of a ghastly image appearing in the second story window, lifting a long-dead finger to point to the bodies of her loved ones buried in the cemetery beyond.

Haunt director John Lombardi sought the help of the video artisans from Night Frights to reproduce the scene as a video projection to be cast in the actual window where the apparition is said to appear, giving visitors a chilling glimpse into the spirit life that lingers there. Click the image below to witness the apparition yourself!
(Get a custom video created for your own haunt by contacting Mike Fox for details)

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