From one of the creative minds behind SkullTronix™ comes the exciting new cornerstone of high-tech, cutting-edge, scary Halloween props for the professional or home haunt!





















This section will help guide you in the setup of the new Ghost Bust Blaster, an exciting way to add more thrills and chills and to submerge your guests in a more tactile way to experience your haunt.

The Control Freak "reads" the video that is being projected onto the bust, waiting for its cue to activate the Bust Blaster.

By way of a small sensor embedded into the base of the bust, the Control Freak will monitor the video until it sees the video cue embedded in the video file, at which point, it triggers the Bust Blaster's solenoid valve, sending a harmless but startling blast of air or air/water combination in perfect synch with the climactic scare point in the routine!

Another benefit to the blaster is the proximity effect... if a visitor gets too close to the Ghost Bust, (close enough to cast a shadow, which would be an inch or two away), the sensor will pick that up as well and the intruder will get an unexpected shock as the blaster kicks into full gear. Good for scares and laughter all around. Let's get started!

Control Freak