Ghost Bust

Ghost Bust

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What's included: Ghost Bust Projector, bust and other included gear


• Named one of the top 5 must-have Halloween props by Wired Magazine

• The Ghost Bust uses a powerful projector to map an array of characters onto a specially engineered life-size bust, creating an unsettlingly realistic effect that never fails to thrill an audience

• Reduce the need for actors in your haunt while still creating jaw-dropping scares

• 13 spooky characters to choose from

• Change out the scene in seconds by simply swapping in a new thumb drive, or cycle through a different routine each time the Ghost Bust is triggered

• No moving parts, no tedious maintenance, no holdups due to breakdowns

• Create your own custom routines or interact with your customers in real time using our Ghost Bust Live software (sold separately)

• One of the most memorable and most versatile Halloween props you can buy

• Winner of Haunt World’s Best New Prop Award upon its debut


HD-ready projector

• Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display

• Incredibly bright 3600 ANSI lumens

• Bright enough for daytime use

• Long lamp life rated up to 15,000 hours

• 4.30″ x 12.40″ x 9.50″ (HxWxD) ; Weight; 6.2 lbs

Durable life-size resin bust

• Specially designed statue projection-mapped to display all 13 characters

• 22 x 9 x 12”

• Durable construction built to last

Solid-state HD video player

• 1080p 60hz HDMI with trigger input/serial control

• Seamless looping and triggering

• Small, portable and simple to operate

• Arrives ready to operate, no programming required


Projector ceiling mount

HDMI cable - 25ft

One Ghost Bust routine of your choosing


• a trigger (switch mat/PIR sensor/hand-held switch)

• a sound system

• a stand or shelf on which to display the bust

• additional Ghost Bust characters/routines

The Ghost Bust is sold as a complete system only

The Ghost Bust top-5 best Halloween props
Hauntworld Best Halloween Prop Award

Named one of the Top Five Must-Have Halloween Props by Wired Magazine.

Received Hauntworld’s
Best New Product Award

Ghost Bust

SKU: NF-1001


In Stock

Select a Routine

Recommended Accessories

An homage to the Haunted Mansion singing busts

Additional Ghost Bust Routines

Collect all 13 spooky routines.
Choose one or cycle through a different
routine each time the Ghost Bust is triggered!

Available exclusively to Ghost Bust owners.
Proof of ownership may be requested.
Please allow up to 24 hours for download links.

$79.00 ea.

Pressure mat for triggering Halloween props

Switch Mat 18 x 24″

Ready to use with 3.5mm plug


Speaker for haunted house audio

Wall-Mount 100-Watt


7.72 x 7.68 x 12.6″

PIR Sensor for Motion-Activated Halloween Props

PIR Motion Sensor

Ready to use with 3.5mm plug


Hand-Held switch for triggering Halloween props

Hand-Held Switch

Ready to use with 3.5mm plug


Ghost Bust Live Interactive Halloween props

Ghost Bust Live

Live Performance Software

Add the ability to perform live custom routines!


Sprite Keypad used to trigger multiple halloween videos

Sprite Keypad

Trigger up to 99 videos


Ghost Bust Statue Stands

Adjustable Bust Stand

Blood Red, Midnight Black, or Twilight Purple


The Ghost Bust top-5 best Halloween props
Hauntworld Best Halloween Prop Award

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