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Dr. Oz with Night Frights creators Jean and Mike FoxDr. Oz Features Halloween Prop Creators Night Frights for Gala’s Amazing Special Effects

Popular TV host, Dr. Oz, hosted a spectacular Gala for Healthcorps titled “Journey to Oz”, commissioning Fox Productions to co-produce the event.

Night Frights’ popular Scary Mary Mirrors were commissioned with custom motion graphics and branded messaging, with mirrors stationed in several locations throughout the event.

Dr. Oz does Halloween right with Night Frights special effects

The mirrors featured familiar figures such as Maria Shriver, Matthew Modine, and many others incorporated into mesmerizing computer generated special effects.

Additional video production was created by Night Frights to feature a gigantic Wizard head to appear on the “Imag” video screen above the stage which interacted with the evening’s presenters in frightening, dramatic and often humorous style.

Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa founded Healthcorps in 2004 in a nationwide effort to help stem child obesity.