Escape Room Gear

2 New Additions to the Lineup! 8 Available Characters!

Just released! Two new additions to the Ghost Bust Live lineup!  The oh-so-creepy Phantom character, and an exciting new way to use the Ghost Bust Live system — the Seance Witch!  The Seance Witch character includes a standard Ghost Bust version as well as a version designed to sit at table height, making it appear as if it is a live person sitting at a seance table!  You puppet it in real-time to interact with your guests! For even more terrorizing thrills, add it to our new Pneumatic Seance Table

The Best in Haunted Escape Room Props: The Ghost Bust Video Animatronic Host!

When it comes to props for Escape Rooms, the Ghost Bust talking bust is the ultimate information delivery system to provide your haunted Escape Room customers with clues on request, welcome message and back story, rules, time reminders, and success or failure messages. Two modes: Interact spontaneously with your audience via a live actor animating the bust in real time; or play up to 36 different messages using your own pre-recorded audio files triggered at the press of a button.

Best of all, instantly change to a different character to match the season simply by launching a different character’s program!

New Software Makes it Fun and Affordable

We’ve slashed the price of having your own customized Ghost Bust routines by developing brand new versions of our popular Ghost Bust Live software, each featuring one of eight mesmerizing characters.  This simple-to-use software lets a live actor “puppet” the digital performance behind the scenes, and/or responds automatically to pre-recorded audio files you can create yourself, (or have us record for you).The software is included with every Escape Room system, and will run on laptops or desktop computers, Mac or PC.  Pro Tip: If you don’t want to interact with your guests live, you can use the software to create a custom routine and then do a screen capture of it for playback using a video player, saving you thousands over the cost of having a custom routine produced.
The new Ghost Bust English Gentleman character is the ultimate Escape Room host.

Simple No-Maintenance Setup That Works, Day After Day

The Night Frights Ghost Bust uses a discrete ceiling-mounted projector to map a precisely engineered video image onto a bust with matching contours, creating an eerily realistic 3-D effect that delivers a stunning, magical experience, guaranteed to bring visitors back again and again. And at 3600 ANSI lumens, the projector is bright enough to use in well-lit environments! No moving parts to wear out and a bulb life of up to 15,000 hours.

See how it works in this video…

What’s Included

The Ghost Bust Escape Room system comes complete with a durable life-size resin bust, full HD 1920x1080p projector with super-bright 3600 ANSI lumen brightness,  25′ HDMI cable, and a thumb drive containing our Ghost Bust Live software. You just supply a computer (Mac or PC), a sound system, and a shelf or stand on which to display the bust. A video player is not needed or included in this setup.  $1899

Pick Your Host

Learn more about the Ghost Bust.

See more of The Genius in action in these clips of a custom video package we created for the Zap Zone franchise of family entertainment locations, prior to the availability of the new Ghost Bust Live Escape Room system.

Here’s an example of The Zombie Escape character in this snippet of a custom video package we created prior to the availability of the new Ghost Bust Live Escape Room system.

Home run. The Holy Grail of attractions. Highly entertaining and virtually maintenance-free!

Brad Doolittle, Attraction Supervisor, Gretna, NE