Skulltronix Talking Skull Routines

Bring your talking skulls to life with professionally produced audio and VSA routines for your haunt or Halloween display!

What’s Included: Professionally produced audio tracks and a VSA animation file intended for use with a SkullTronix skull.
The skull and VSA software are not included, these are data files and audio tracks only. Delivered via download.

Haunt Rules (3-Skull Routine)

This multi-skull routine is just the ticket for keeping your guests entertained while waiting for their turn to enter, while at the same time, filling them in on standard rules of the haunt.  A must-have for those with multiple skulls they want to bring to life.


The Seance

Deliver the terror of a breath-taking séance when the dead
come for a visit in this award-winning haunt scene! 


Marooned Pirate

A haunting tale of woe and murderous horrors is unveiled in the telling of this ship’s mate’s unfortunate end at the hands of a blood-thirsty pirate crew.


The Ghost Host

The dark secrets trapped in this spooky old mansion beckon the bravest of souls to uncover the centuries-old horrors that lie within.


Haunt Rules

Set the proper spooky mood for waiting guests while entertaining them, all the while delivering the rules of your haunt in an unforgettable fashion!


Madness at Sea

A blistering storm leaves a skeleton crew and a captain gone mad in this chilling tale of seafarers lost at sea.


Dungeon Fiend

Trapped in the bowels of a cruel dungeon, can your guests escape a fate of torture and death at the hands of a demented lunatic incarcerated centuries ago?


The Mortician

Something mysterious and foul has been taking place in the heart of this ancient mortuary, where visitors vanish in the night and are never heard from again.